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A flying camera and solar-powered smart lights make up this home security system

A flying camera and solar-powered smart lights make up this home security system

Home security is a huge concern for basically anyone with a pulse.  No one wants to face an intruder and most anyone will do whatever it takes to avoid that frightening possibility.  But thankfully, technology is making it a little easier to both manage and build up your home security.

Smart locks, doorbells, cameras, and alarm systems give you the ability to see things in a more controlled setting.  Know who’s at the door before you get up and figure out why your dog is barking without walking outside.  Technology makes securing your home simpler, safer, and more user-friendly.  And now, Sunflower Labs has decided to take this a step further.

Although you can only reserve their product at this point, there are more than a few reasons you should consider bolstering your home security with the Sunflower Home Awareness System.

Solar Powered


Part of the Sunflower Lab security system consists of motion-activated smart lights.  These lights look like your run-of-the-mill garden lights, but they’re completely solar and turn on when they detect motion.  You can even apply designer light themes to change the mood of your environment.  So say you’re having a backyard party, you can lower the brightness and opt for warmer lighting.



When your lights do detect motion, you’ll receive a notification on your phone.  This notification will let you know where the motion was detected and ask if you’d like to check it out.

Live Video


If you want to check out a notification, then you can through a live video feed.  However, this close-up shot won’t come from the lights themselves; it’ll come from a connected flying camera.  Tap the option to check out the motion, and your camera will fly to the area in question.  You can see who’s there or what’s going on with nothing but your phone.  No need to guess where it came from or to take a late-night stroll in a dark backyard.  The Sunflower system has you covered.

Easy to Install


The Sunflower Home Awareness System is incredibly simple to install.  Stick the lights into the ground, download the app, and then, at this point, it’s just a matter of connecting your camera and lights to the app.  It’s as simple as that.

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