Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

What is managed print services?

Managed print services are the printing solution to suit any company large or small, taking the management and maintenance of printing out of your hands while providing the convenience of in-house printing.

Difficulty maintaining your print services?

Printers and print services are a necessary evil in any business. While the cost and accessibility of modern commercial printers have reduced and their reliability has increased with time, they still require constant maintenance and consumable management; not to mention the time for unexpected breakdowns.

The Alternatives

Traditionally organizations had two solutions, purchase printing hardware up-front and have in-house services, or hire external providers to manage large-scale work on a per-project basis.

Hardware up-front

In-house requires substantial capital investment to purchase machines. There is also a cost in time and expertise required to select, set up and install, and maintain the hardware. Further, there are hidden costs in unexpected breakdowns as well as inventory management of print consumables.

Printers are temperamental by nature, and they always break down just after the warranty period expires. When something breaks down you are left scrambling to find a technician, they’re rarely available the same day and they never seem to have the necessary parts on hand.

In addition to maintenance, you are left with the need to monitor and manage print consumables. Paper, ink, binders, rings, heavy-duty staplers, the list goes on, all of these add up to a lot of capital sitting on a shelf. Further, modern printers (and OHS requirements) usually require a trained professional to install new ink and manage even minor malfunctions.

External Print Services

Hiring a third party is not much better, you then have to wait for each job to be received by the printer and then returned back to you. There is excessive discussion delay while confirming print requirements, style, design and quality, etc. and the service quality is usually lacking. The costs are often exorbitant for the service provided, price structures are often designed to be only marginally cheaper than having an in-house solution.

Managed Print Services from ARRC

Managed print services from ARRC are the solution your business can count on. ARRC’s managed print services provide your business the best of both worlds. Our managed print services are a hardware as a service (HaaS) solution to your printing needs. We provide the print hardware, set up and install your printers for you. Plus, because it is a HaaS solution, we also take care of regular servicing and pay the cost of any unexpected repairs. We have trained technicians on call and keep an inventory of spare printers, so if there is a problem that can’t be fixed quickly, we swap out faulty hardware and have you up and running again in no time. We also provide monitoring of consumables to ensure that you never find you’ve run out of anything halfway through an important job. Get a managed print solution from ARRC and let us help you put your business first. Contact us now!

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