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Being confident is easy and here’s why.

Being confident is easy and here’s why.

It can be frustrating observing people who are just ridiculously confident.  They can do or say anything and not worry about the potential for mistakes or social blunders.

And when they do make an error, nobody cares and barely anyone even notices.  These inherently evil, confident people are self-assured even in the midst of something horribly embarrassing like tripping down a flight of stairs or ripping their pants in the middle of a presentation.  It’s wholly unnatural but completely natural for these people nonetheless.

So how do we less fortunate individuals rise to a level of confidence that is somewhat near these disgustingly confident people?  Well, here are a few tips for you.

Be in front of people more.

You’re never going to be confident in front of others if you’re never in front of others.  It’s just common sense.  So if you want to be more confident, you need more opportunities for you to feel, be, and act like a confident person feels, is, and acts.  Get out of the house and out of your cubicle and into large groups and big gatherings.

Adopt the right mindset.

Part of being confident means that you accept the fact that you will fall flat on your face, and when this happens, you’ll be perfectly alright.  You’ll get up, laugh it off, and walk away like nothing ever happened.  Feeling this way about mistakes is wholly reliant on the fact that you have the right mindset—that you know everyone does it and no one really cares about it at the end of the day.

Befriend confident people.

How do you expect to become a more confident person if you’re always hanging around people who are the furthest from confident?  If your friends and your family members doubt their abilities and second guess who they are on a consistent basis, then you will more than likely fall into that same pattern.  Befriend people who are confident, and their confidence will rub off on you.  You’ll learn firsthand how to be a more assertive, self-reliant individual.

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