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6 Personal Assistant Apps That Make Life Simple

6 Personal Assistant Apps That Make Life Simple

Siri may be just a phrase away, but you need a reliable application when it comes to your busy schedule and everyday to-do list. Stay organized every hour of the day with an assistant that lives on your smart device, keeping you virtually prepared for whatever the day throws at you. Below are six of the most raved-about personal assistant apps.

Google Now

Before your day even begins, know the weather forecast, the traffic conditions on your commute, new Spotify playlists you’ll love, the calories you need to burn from yesterday’s late-night snack, breaking news and the groceries that need to be ordered. Google Now collects data from your favorite apps and puts them on cards that can be arranged based on relevancy and importance. Keep track of your entire life on one screen, and let Google do the organizing.


Wunderlist is the ultimate checklist app—where you can set reminders, share lists for team collaboration and set due dates. Folders and hashtags allow for easy organization of all your to-dos, and commenting abilities mean less questions and more doing. Don’t let a long to-do list overwhelm you ever again.


A list app that fosters collaboration, Quip combines creation with communication to get even the most difficult tasks done. Create checklists and chats that your entire team can access, eliminating the back-and-forth emails and multiple documents. Edit documents within the app and chat about specific parts of the document to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Miscommunication will be just a thing of the past with Quip.


Literally a virtual assistant, Speaktoit will perform tasks, answer questions, send you notifications and more using its own API language that makes communicating to it efficient and fun. Speaktoit remembers your favorites, understands your voice, and can be customized to respond a certain way. It’s Siri on steroids, and it will change the way you get through your day.


24me unites your online life by bringing together your calendar, lists, banks, social networks and more. It puts everything in one organized place so you always know what, when, where and how much life has in store for you each day. Send emails, purchase gifts, pay bills and more from one app, so you can spend time doing what you enjoy.


Beyond the usual email and calendar organization, EasilyDo is like a personal concierge. Automatically track shipments, get local reservations and recommendations when you travel, organize purchased tickets for events, save email attachments in one place, view your social media accounts in one feed, and more. It’s like an app for VIPs only, and you’re always on the list.

Regardless of which app you chose to manage your busy personal and professional life, make sure you have some downtime as well. Nothing makes a completed to-do list less effective than the start of a new one. Reward yourself with some time off and take some time to smell the roses.

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