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4 simple ways to create a more productive office

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4 simple ways to create a more productive office

Simply put, workplace productivity is a crapshoot.  Your ability to remain productive hinges on so many random, off-the-wall, and sometimes contradictory factors that you never know what you’re going to get for the day.

It could be a burrito you ate for dinner the night before or a coworker who had a rough morning and decides to talk about it for the next eight hours.  Whatever it is, these sorts of situations can take your productivity and make it look like it never even existed.

But if you expect to keep your job, then nonexistent productivity is something you should probably consider avoiding on a semi-regular basis.  And if you have any shot at doing this, then you need to learn how to perfect those elements of working that you can actually control… such as your physical working space.

The space you work inside of can affect your mood, energy, and physical self.  It can make you feel really good about where you’re at and what you’re doing… or really terrible.  But luckily for you (and every other working person out there), creating a productivity-inspired workplace really isn’t all that hard.  Here are a few elements you should look for.


If at all possible, you should work around as much natural light as you can.  It can help keep you alert.  However, this isn’t always doable.  For instance, you might work primarily inside an office that’s smackdab in the middle of the building.  If this is the case, what type of work you do will determine what type of lighting will help your productivity.

Lifehack says you should consider lighting as just another facet of ergonomics, and it should change as your tasks change.  For example, there are bulbs designed to imitate daylight, others geared towards detail-oriented work, and even more meant to soothe and relax.  In other words, you might require a combination of different light bulbs – For example, the room is lit with a daylight bulb, but there are several lamps around the area equipped with halogen bulbs.


When it’s too cold, it’s hard to remain focused on your work.  Why?  Because your energy is spent trying to keep your body warm.  So if your office is typically kept on the below-freezing side, consider keeping a small blanket at your desk or even a heater.  Staying at a comfortable temperature throughout the day will help you make less mistakes, and it will give you the ability to channel your energy into more important matters.


Plants are great, especially if you work inside a building and rarely see daylight.  Place a few plants around your office and on your desk, and everyone will notice the change.  Research suggests that a little green at the office can decrease stress, save you on energy expenses, limit sicknesses, and reduce noise distractions.


Everything from the software you use to that mouse you click can have a drastic effect on how productive you are.  If the technology you rely on to complete your work tasks is inefficient and out of date, you will also be inefficient and out of date.

Do your very best to keep your technology in prime working condition, and your business will be better off.  Depending on how many employees you have, the resources you have available, and the type of work you do, this process might involve an outside company.  For a small to medium-sized business, hiring a Managed Services Provider to handle your IT typically equates to the cost of a part-time employee.  That’s not such a huge price to pay for a well-oiled machine.

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