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3 tech tools to help you work better

3 tech tools to help you work better

People always try to give technology a bad rap, saying it consumes our lives and causes us to actually work more and not less.  And while, for some people, this may be undoubtedly true, it’s not technology’s fault.  It’s your fault for not using technology like you should be using it.

Technology can help you work less by giving you the ability to work smarter and more efficiently.  In the times when you should be working, you’re doing it faster and doing it better, making it much easier to leave work at work.  But first, you have to find the right technology to do this.  So, here’s a nudge in the most productive direction.

Office 365

When it comes to working and working well, you need a great productivity suite—like the one that comes with Office 365.  But that’s not all Office 365 is good for.  Install it on up to five separate devices and work on projects no matter where you’re at or what device you’re using—phone, tablet, laptop, or good ol’ fashioned PC.  Use the tools that Office gives you to collaborate and communicate with team members, create engaging presentations, and manage your appointments, meetings, and daily to-dos.  Office 365 allows you to capitalize on all eight hours of your workday, not just portions of it—work from anywhere, at any time, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.


How much time do you waste with back-and-forth communication and file-sharing?  Send this, send that, reply, send another version, edit, send again, edit, send again, reply, send another version… the process goes on forever and will make a significant dent in your workday if you allow it to.  Dropbox solves this problem in the simplest, most straightforward fashion.  Upload documents to an online folder and receive automatic alerts when changes are made to any of the uploaded documents, meaning there’s no need to email someone every time an adjustment is made.  Request documents from people with a link, share documents with a link, and receive documents with a link.  No more attaching, no more forgetting to attach, and no more back-and-forth.  It’s time to cut out the waste so you can do more with your day, and it starts right here with Dropbox.


So, we’ve got the document creation and sharing out of the way… now for the integration and communication of said document creation and sharing.  Introducing Slack—the cleanest way to rid yourself of emails and multiple communication platforms.  Slack allows users to create separate boards, or threads, or channels (however you want to look at it) to communicate with your team as a whole, with individual people, or with specific groups of team members.  Title the threads by project, team, or department and receive instant updates and notifications as documents and thoughts are shared.  Use it on multiple devices and integrate it with a handful of other applications (hint, hint: like Dropbox).  Keep everything in one place and everyone on the same page.

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