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By: Jennifer Halstead
March 21, 2017
6 of our favorite Chrome extensions

With the right Chrome extensions by your side, you can do more, in less time, and with fewer hassles. But where exactly should you start? Right here. MightyText Whether it’s a work phone or a personal one, transitioning from your phone to your PC and then back to your phone again can leave you unfocused […]

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By: Jennifer Halstead
March 13, 2017
The 5 heavy hitters in social media and how your small business should use them

There’s a lot going on in the world of social media, and as a small business, it can often feel like too much effort for not a whole lot of return. There are just so many profiles to keep up with and so much content to manage that there’s simply not enough time in the […]

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March 8, 2017
These 5 bad technology habits can hurt your body, mind, and soul

Bad online habits are one thing. But bad technology habits… well, that’s a whole different story. Bad online habits can leave you swimming in malware, hackers, and leaked data – none of which is fun or pleasant. But on the other hand, bad technology habits can leave you in bodily pain, unproductive, and desperate for […]

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By: Jennifer Halstead
February 28, 2017
8 tech terms you should know

Everyone these days is throwin’ out tech terms, using them in normal conversation like it’s nothing. But do any of these people – or you, for that matter – actually know what these terms mean? If not, here’s a quick list of 8 commonly used tech terms to get your mind prepped. Web App A […]

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By: Alexandria Chavez
February 23, 2017
Avoiding malicious emails is easy with these 6 tips

Phishing attacks are steadily on the rise. Every day, more and more people are duped into opening malicious emails and trusting in its contents. As a result, they give away personal information or find themselves picking up some nasty form of malware. However, avoiding phishing attacks is more manageable than most people think. Here are […]

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