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Phishing attacks have steadily risen since 2011, according to a report released by Verizon this year.  23% of people who receive phishing emails open the email, and 11% of these people click on links in these emails. 

Data backup is important, which I’m sure you’ve heard before.  You know the spiel…  What happens if there’s a tornado or snow storm and your hardware is completely destroyed?  How are you supposed to recover your data

Passwords are slowly reaching their point of extinction, emphasis on the slowly.  It’s too easy to create a weak password, and it’s way too easy to crack one; therefore, something must be done, and everybody knows it.

When your phone breaks, it’s on par with the death of a loved one, worse than a large asteroid falling to earth and only slightly better than running out of a coffee on a Monday morning.  We’ve

If you want to retain your employees, you better make sure they’re happy.  In a way, your staff is like your children.  Do they feel loved?  Appreciated?  Supported?  Because if not, once they’re all grown, they’ll leave

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For some reason, data breaches keep popping up to say hi; they follow us everywhere we go. In 2014 alone, Data Breaches could have taken you out to dinner (P.F. Changs), remodeled your home (Home Depot), picked

Days following the announcement of a security flaw in Android’s media playback system Stagefright, a new security vulnerability has been discovered. According to security firm, Trend Micro, the new security threat affects all devices running Android 4.3

The release of Windows 10 has been one of great anticipation. It’s all over the internet. There’s plenty of praise regarding the new features such as Cortana, Edge, scheduled restarts, multiple desktops and universal apps. However, you’ve

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