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Have you heard about our referral program?! The goal of this program is to reward you for sending new businesses our way.  We’re grateful for every referral you provide, and we’re thrilled to thank you for sharing your connection with us.

First: Send us a *qualified referral, and we will treat you to a $50 gift card.

Second: If that referral turns into an appointment, you’ll receive a $100 Amazon gift card.

Third: If that appointment leads to an agreement, you get $250 cash.

Referral Program

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**** Qualified: A qualified lead is a business located with 50 miles of Bakersfield with a minimum of 10 employees with a legitimate need for ARRC services and solutions.  ARRC Technology will have the final say on whether a lead is qualified or not.  An ARRC representative will notify you of the qualification status of a lead within 10 business days. In order to receive credit for the lead, you must be the first person to submit them on this form.

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