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Boost your business productivity through our wide array of managed services that will relieve your IT staff of routine activities and allow them to focus on providing creative technology solutions to the industry challenges faced by your company.


Enhance mobility and efficiency in your workplace with our cloud-based and on-site business solutions that will enable your employees to deliver maximum performance from any location while also increasing worker satisfaction and reducing costs.


Experience technology that grows as your business grows with our dynamic, customizable and scalable IT solutions that can easily accommodate changes in your business and that include preemptive monitoring, on-time reporting and reliable support.

Let go of the past.

Your path to modern technology and a more successful business starts here.


Keeping up on top of the latest ways criminals are stealing information or creating problems for your business can be a daunting task. Our services have dedicated resources looking at and analyzing our networks on a continuing basis. Testing and training users through our proven system of phish testing will ensure that your business is not the next ransomware victim.

Security Cameras

Stop stealing our catalytic converters! Low resolution and bad angles from an aging camera solution can prevent us from being notified and catching security issues at our businesses. We offer solutions in Ultra High Definition with the widest of angles whether you are watching from your computer or your phone. Our expert team will review and design a plan for a complete camera solution at your office or workplace.

Network Cleanup

It looks like a rat's nest and every time a wire is moved something breaks. It’s not for everybody, but our project team actually enjoys a good clean up. Keeping the IT investment in tip top shape extends well beyond software updates and replacing the batteries in your wireless mouse. Our commitment to your infrastructure continues well after the onboarding process with ARRC Technology.

Phone Systems

Getting charged for phone service with no clue of what it is you are being billed for? This has been going on for years and it’s time for it to stop! Not only will our phone solution give you the features and freedom your business requires, in many cases we can do this while reducing your overall IT costs. Our team will keep track of your telco bills and negotiate better contracts as part of our ongoing service.

Print Managed Services

Karen, we’re out of toner again! Karen: “Why is this something I always hear about AFTER we are out of toner?” We believe that keeping track of the printer maintenance and products is not something your company should be concerned about. If it does not further your business and keeps your clients happy it is not an efficient use of your employees’ time. Let us monitor and maintain your printers and give you back your time.

Video Conferencing

In this age of Covid, working together on projects and meeting in person has been completely turned upside down. Whether everyone is working in separate places, or you have offices in different cities, we can engineer a solution that works for you. Consolidating meeting notes, putting all the scheduling into one calendar system can make your meetings effective and efficient.


Navigating the maze of Microsoft licensing and portals alone can prove to be costly. Our Microsoft certified engineers know what features are included, how to implement them and will audit your accounts regularly to ensure you are not still paying for Joey’s office subscription years after he was let go for that… “office party incident”.

Work From Home

Our employees are everywhere and keeping them safe from Ransomware and Phishing exploits is a full-time job. How do we give them access to software and data from home or “on the go” without putting your company at risk? AVOS (ARRC Virtual Office Space). Our technology solves these challenges by securely blending the latest in remote access, authentication and encryption custom tailored for your company's needs.

Get the tech support you need to run your business efficiently. We help by ensuring your technology scales with your needs while keeping you on budget.
ARRC Technology provides fully managed IT services, hardware and software solutions, and complete network development and implementation. We replace or extend the reach of in-house IT departments and help businesses achieve their desired outcomes by ensuring they have the technology and support they need to thrive in the digital world.
We support Businesses in Central California across various sectors, including Agriculture, Oil, Construction, Not-for-Profit, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Retail.
ARRC is the best Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Bakersfield, and our team of experienced technicians provides all the IT support you need — from help desk assistance to complete projects and even the latest cybersecurity solutions. If you’d like assistance with your tech vendors, we can help you get what you
 need, when you need it, without any hassle. Let us take your IT off your plate so you can focus on your business.


Let Us Handle

Your IT Issues

Our managed IT services ensure you will never again have to worry about network or technology problems. We will monitor all your devices around the clock, and deal with issues quickly, to ensure minimal downtime. We’ll implement a rigorous maintenance schedule for all your hardware and software so your systems consistently deliver peak performance and are completely secure and up to date. We also develop systems to boost security and protect your firm from various cyber threats, including security breaches, ransomware, hacks, phishing, and more. When you work with ARRC Technology, you’ll be able to take advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology without concerns over implementation, management, security, or other challenges. After all, we’re here to handle all that for you so you can focus on your business.

IT Services

What is

Managed Services?

ARRC Technology is a Business-to-Business Managed Service Provider. We’ve been servicing California clients with a concentration in Kern County since the 1990s. We provide cutting-edge Information Technology (IT) solutions to a wide array of business segments, including Agriculture, Oil, Education, Government, Health, Not for Profit, Manufacturing, Construction, and Retail. We are your internal IT staff, providing help desk, project, and IT security needs. We advocate for you when dealing with technology vendors, ensuring quick turnaround and resolution of issues.



Our IT managed services offer complete IT management, allowing you to focus on your business. We will maintain security patches, update all software, and perform scheduled maintenance of your businesses’ computers.

IT Solution
IT Service



ARRC Technology’s Managed Services are in continuous contact with your servers and backup devices. A service ticket will automatically be generated for every error reported by the hardware we monitor. It then gets forwarded to the relevant resources for review and resolution. We're always there, watching and ensuring that you have business continuity and guaranteed uptime.



We have weekly scheduled maintenance for your hardware and software, where pre-tested security patches and updates from Microsoft, Adobe, Java, Firefox, and Chrome are installed overnight. All of this is done seamlessly and is ready for you when you need it. ARRC Technology’s remote monitoring tools actively monitor servers and critical network devices to alert us of any issues that may affect your business. We ensure that all devices are running at optimal performance by performing regular system maintenance.

Data Analysis
Managed Email



In the last few years, security breaches, hacks, and data ransom has increased. At ARRC Technology, we offer solutions to minimize these threats. Usually, 90% of all issues can be addressed remotely through our secure support tools. When you call our office, a technician will answer the phone, not a cumbersome answering machine that will delay the resolution of your issue. Usually, we will solve the problem during the first call. Our 24/7 support coverage ensures that your downtime is kept to a minimum.

Let's Solve IT

At ARRC, our focus is providing you with expert technology solutions and friendly, reliable services that better position your Bakersfield business for success.


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