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ARRC Technology Published: March 29, 2018
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Ditch Your “Sales Job” and Earn the Lifestyle of a “Sales Pro”

  • Are your commissions a battle every month to get paid?
  • Do you even understand your commission structure?
  • Does your employer completely fail at marketing, but expect high sales numbers?
  • Did you get trained to succeed? Or just thrown in a desk with a phone-book?

Yeah... We’re not surprised to hear that…  Then again, what have your options been?

  • Stay Status Quo and ‘Hope’ for the best!
  • Go ahead, try working harder – it’s not going to cure itself.

Why else are you looking at the Job Advertisements?  Deep down, you know that you feel stuck.

It’s time to do something, real.  Something, straight forward and clear from the beginning.

  • We’ll SHOW YOU your Earning Compensation and Commission Structure, no Bait & Switch.
  • We’ll TRAIN YOU, to use your Professional Talent in our Proven Sales Methodology and pay you well!
  • You’ll JUST SELL. We’ve got our $#!+ together when it comes to Aggressive Marketing.

But, all of this depends on you.  We expect our Sales Pros to bring us:

HUNGER:  Start every day, knowing that you’re going to hunt down every opportunity to close.

DRIVE:  Push through the rejections and learn from your mistakes.  Never get knocked down.

TALENT:  Bring us your best, and be willing to accept new techniques to build up your self-worth.

DESIRE:  Accept this new challenge, knowing that you will commit to always improving and evolving.

Yes, we have benefits.  Yes, we have 401K.  Yes we have ethics.  Yes We have a Gym.  Yes we provide Employee Massages.  We go further, in that You will have the top trainers in the industry training you to succeed and meet your numbers.

It’s time for the next version of you, to be released.  We want to be a part of that.

Send us your cover letter, explaining why you want to be an architect of your future and how the Sales Pro Lifestyle fits into your Career Plan.  Be sure to add your best Professional Resume, with Professional Qualifications that make you stand out!

Don’t overthink it.  This is that moment to admit, that Struggling is not a Career Strategy.

At the end of the day, Struggling Sucks.  We’d much rather cry in a Mercedes, than on a bicycle seat.   Change your life, and APPLY today!

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