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Cover to Don't get hooked - How to spot a phishing attack - Checklist


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Be prepared for an attack


Percentage of employees opening malicious email attachments.


Amount of security professionals who rank user awareness training the most effective tactic to prevent and block ransomware.


Goal of cyberattacks to gain financial information.

"As a small business owner, our data is important. Without our data, we’re nothing. Without our customers’ and clients’ confidence in us to protect their data we don’t have much to stand on. [Cybersecurity] is important because our data is important."

Sam Newland
Halle, Porter, Newland, & Rickett LLP

"I’m the General Manager for a water district and obviously cybersecurity is a way that [cybercriminals] can attack us. Providing potable water is our number one goal so we want to make sure that no one can come in and mess around with our structure."

Raul Barraza
Arvin Community Services District - Water Association of Kern County

"I think this information is important because we are a really tightknit community. ARRC Technology is so generous to share this information to help support us moving forward. We’re a community at risk and we need to take the precautions to be able to continue to grow successful businesses in Bakersfield. "

Marcella Ives
M.I. Marketing